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Friday, June 17, 2005

Senators that know right from wrong.....

...thank God we have some!

Via Roger L. Simon I learned that some of our Senators grew a pair and actually formally called Dick Durbin out:

Freshman GOP Senators Issue Joint
StatementCall on Senator Durbin to Apologize

WASHINGTON, DC - Freshman Senators Richard Burr - NC, Tom Coburn - OK, Jim
DeMint - SC, Johnny Isakson - GA, Mel Martinez - FL, John Thune - SD and David
Vitter - LA today issued the following statement in response to comments made by
Senator Dick Durbin - IL on the Floor of the United States Senate comparing U.S.
troops to Nazis, Soviets and others:

As freshman Senators, we recently campaigned to change the tone in
Washington and accomplish great things on behalf of the American people. We are
united in our support for our troops in the ongoing War on Terror. We found
Senator Durbin's remarks to be highly offensive and dangerous. This rhetoric is
harmful to our soldiers and emboldens our enemies. We call on Senator Durbin to
issue an apology to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces.
The American Armed Forces are the best in the world and to compare them with
Nazis, Soviet Gulags, or Pol Pot is outrageous. Millions of innocent people were
murdered in death camps under these evil regimes

Good for them!!