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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You'd think they would at least CALL first!

....Before a kid in a yellow vest shows up and starts digging up your garden!

You know, the gas company has my phone number. Hell, they send me a nice little letter every month letting me know how much $$$ I owe them. (And would I please pay by xxx date.) So is it soooooo much to ask that they let me know that they are planning to come to my house and start un-doing all of the work that I have spent re-doing all of my front flowerbeds?? Even dismantling a part of the retaining wall that I built?? Huh??? Or do they send some kid in a yellow vest and have him just show up and start digging?

You guessed it. I just got the crap scared outta me as I looked out of my office window and saw this kid dismantling a large part of my garden!!! I just planted the !#$%!%#^# thing last week! All of my hostas and lilies are now laying haphazardly nearby. I went out and talked to the kid (he looks about 17) and he explained that they are replacing some of the pipeline. Well fine. Could you have knocked on the door first? "Ummmmm, I rang the door bell....." (And then guess what -- you didn't hear anything. The doorbell doesn't work. Otherwise you would have *heard* the bell m'kay?) This kind of crap really ticks me off.

So you need to do some maintenance on the gas line? Fine. I understand. But would you please have the frickin' courtesy to call (or write me) ahead of time and let me know??? Is that so much to ask? You see, that way, maybe *I* could prep the area so you're not fucking up all of my nice new plants that I JUST PLANTED. See, had I known, I could have put off planting them until *after* the maintenance was completed!! Freeking morons!! *sigh* Guess I'll be having more gardening to do later. Great.

UPDATE: Okay, so they put everything back mostly where it was *supposed* to go........ But still, would it kill them to call first??? I'm just sayin'............