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Friday, June 17, 2005


...and he should be held accountable

IMO Senator Durbin is a traitorous Dick. Literally. Many others have said it better than me:

Froggy Ruminations: "I want Durbin's job, and I want it now. I'll be damned if a US Senator is going to get away with comparing my comrades to the Gestapo, or Stalin's thugs."

Michelle Malkin has a great round-up.

And last but not least this from Ace: "Today's Democratic Party --
We're self-loathing, but we'd love to have company in that."

UPDATE: Varifrank gives a well thought out answer to the question "Why would Sen. Durbin make and then STAND BEHIND such a horrible comparison of our troops to Nazi interrogatorsors/camps??"

Now, I dont want to spend this piece just jumping on Senator Durbin,
that would be all too easy.

The real issue here is why.

Why is guantanamo even an issue? Why is this 24x 7 x 365 atrocity
watch even going on? Does anything that has ever been put forth so far rise to
the occasion to even begin to acquire the description of Nazi like?

Come on now, does it? Of course not.

The reason why Sen. Durbin, Leahy, Kennedy and Amnesty International
have all decided Guantanmo has got to go hasn't anything at all to do with
detainees or their legal state, or our place in the world of Human Rights.

It has to do with you. You see, its easy to say you support the
troops when you think of them as liberators and warriors out killing terrorists
and keeping you safe and and the world free from harm. Its not so easy to
support the troops when you think they are uni-browed goons and babykillers
who are out gleefully torturing innocents. That's what they want you to think,
that's what this is all about, it a full court press to change the narrative of
the war from one of voting and freedom to one of the oppression of innocents and

Oh. Right. **sigh**
Varifrank finishes with this:

Oh and if you get the “Do you support our torture
in Guantanamo” from people on left, just answer them the way I do:

“I’ll put
our treatment of our detainees up against any Al-queda camp. Our camps have
thousands of visits from members of media, the red cross, access to lawyers and
regular food and to date there has not been a single beheading, on camera or
off. Al-queda cant begin to match that record

Anyway, read the whole thing.........