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Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a good bunny...

Oh yes, the Easter bunny has been very, very good this year. :-)

And I even remembered to have somebody shoot a quick picture of us all after church this morning!

Even if we all can't seem to smile purty at the same time, it's been a while since we were dressed up. A looooong while...

(And though I wish the girls would agree to getting their bangs cut - after seeing the dude 15? 16? with the bright blue mo-hawky thing at services this morning, I felt pretty good about the girls hair. Funny how that works...)

Anyhoo, the girls awoke to hidden eggs and baskets - you're *never* too old to hunt for eggs or presents in my world. Heh. And they had a blast. Especially when they finally found their "big" present. (And holy crap - we got a really good deal on them if the prices on Amazon are accurate.... Yay!)

And the Easter Bunny left a little something something for WxMan and I - an offer on our house! Whoohoo!!!

Now we just need to make sure that all is in order before we counter or accept the offer.

But whoohoo anyway!

I am happy dancing in my bunny ears.... Wait - that didn't come out quite right... Happy hopping would probably be better, you think?