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Monday, April 02, 2007

Border Babes

That is what Tammi has dubbed our little group. Heh. Near the border? Yup. Babes? You betcha. And we had a ball...

Now keep in mind, I am not much of a "shopper" per se. I would almost always perfer perusing stores online, rather than in person. I just would. But when it comes to shopping with a group of girfriends?? That's just pure fun!

Between Tammi keeping us all together and comfy and making sure that no one was left behind distracted by something sparkly, Ktreva trying on all sorts of cute clothes (Contagion should be VERY happy with her purchases), and TNT - beloved wife of Harvey - and I adding continually to the snark... (I think we had the most fun in Williams-Sonoma, actually. Or maybe Sharper Image.) It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

There was certainly lots and lots to look at - people and merchandise. Tammi and I had to giggle at "my first tattoo parlor set" that we saw in the Discovery Channel Store. The packaging shows two nine year olds happily tattooing eachother - every mother's dream, that...

Then there was the couple shopping for pierceables together. Holy crap - the things people are willing to set of metal dectors with these days! But you know the old saying - more holes mean a stronger marriage (and chillier draft for that matter). Heh.

Then there was the Mother of all Bratz Dolls. Seriously. A living breathing bratz doll walked by - pink hair, "style" for days, clunky shoes, pouty mcpouty and 'tude out the wazoo. I wish I had been brave enough to get the camera out. She *had* to be their Queen Bee or creator, or whatever. Scary...

Finally, there was the store that I am sure Harvey would have wanted us all to shop at. Women are apparently encouraged to forgo clothes all together and simply wear accessories. look--->
(click to embiggen)

Snark, lunch, laughter, and we all came home with a little something something that made us happy. Perfect. And we have plans for more...


So today it's back to reality for me. I have floors to polish and bills to pay, but after all the fun yesterday, it's all good. Thanks Ladies!