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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

One of my favorite holidays EVER. Happy Birthday to the U. S. of A.!!

I've got more cooking to be done, yet another BBQ/picnic to host today, and of course, more fireworks.

(Just between you and me I am pretty surprised that we did not have a visit from the police last night. Especially as the mortar collection called Big Bad Ass was going off. Holy Crap! We had some beautiful big fountains and some lovely artillery shells - Dragon Balls, Mad Bombers, Lucky Ladies. But Big Bad Ass?? They weren't kidding. It was huge!! And seemed to take forever! Today though, everybody still had all of their fingers and I didn't have to post bail last night. Sounds like success to me....)

It's going to be interesting to have to gear up for work tomorrow. But today? Today I'm just going to concentrate on the joy of being an American. I hope that you are having some fun too...