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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So right - it's Thursday!

Whoohoo! And par usual I have probably over scheduled myself a bit, but what's new about that. Right?

First thing this morning I have a date with my doctor to get a little something something removed that has been causing me a bit of concern. The good news is that he can do it in an office visit so WxMan doesn't have to worry about how he is going to entertain himself while I am under the knife. The bad news tough part ( it's not bad news yet...) will be waiting for the pathology report.

I hate that... Even when I am confident that I will get a good report. Either way, it is what it is... And there's no *not* knowing. So there's that.

Later, the girls have a hair appointment - can't wait to see how that all comes out this time. Heh.

Then we have a bit of shopping to do - company arrives tomorrow from St. Louis and Halloween is right around the corner! Yay!

Not so "yay" was the call I got for the Principal of the girls school. **sniff** They have decided to go with another candidate for the job I applied for. Ah well... It wasn't meant to be. No laminating for me and no gooey cake for them - I think I got the better deal on that one...

And then there is potential for another trip to the Humane Society. I know... I know... We'll see. This is WxMan's deal.

So here's hoping that the weather is good and all is well in your neck of the woods! I am going to go cowboy up for my day... : )

Update 10:37 40 minutes and 5 stitches later - it all looks good. And I made my grocery run before the lidocaine wore off! I's smart... ; )