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Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday!

And though I have been busy as all get out, I have to point out that CalTechGirl has knocked one out of the park today. Head on over and read her open letter to the AlGoricle. Heh.

Of course, that accomplishment would be so much more meaningful if the award hadn't become synonymous with the "Annual Best Politically Correct Jerkwad" award, which the Nobel Committee seems to have merged their award with. I suppose, however, that sharing this honor with the last American to win the prize, former President Jimmy Carter, gives you a real sense of just what this honor means, and how your legacy will cherished in your decline.

"Annual Best Politically Correct Jerkwad." So so very true...

And Teresa has something to say as well. Cracks me up!

This is going to get interesting. Draft Gore? Go for it... I would love to see a Thompson / Gore debate any topic of substance.