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Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's funny, isn't it??

How life goes on, even when you're sad.

How you still answer "Fine." when strangers ask "How are you today?"

How around every corner perspective waits to teach you a little something. Everybody has a story. Tragedy and grief are universal - as are love and joy. It's what makes us human. Resilience is what keeps us sane.

The new neighbors behind us just got a new puppy. Cute little bugger. But their joy has been tempered because the day they moved into their new home, the lady of the house had a stroke. She is 27 years old and though they hope for a complete recovery, today she is walking around missing a significant part of her skull while reveling in the adoration of a new pup.


Other friends have been going through and dealing with situations far more dire than my own. Some things so sad, I can barely imagine what their pain is like. And yet they too have reached out to console me in my grief.

And that humbles me.

Today I am going to count my blessings and be thankful. Life is pretty dang good - even when we can't quite see our way clear of the "downs" that invariably follow the "ups."

And when the next stranger asks me, "How are you today?" I will answer, "Fine." And mean it.