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Friday, September 28, 2007

Generations of fun!

We were lucky this week to play host to WxMan's Dad, Dad's lovely Wife, and WxMan's Grandmother.

Now GG? She's a hoot! And back in the day, she was quite the bowler. While she was here - via the magic of Wii technology - she was quite the bowler once again...

Almost every evening she would throw down the gauntlet, "Now, Richmond - you need to get down here so I can kick your butt! Leave those dishes for later!"

Heh. Sometimes the level of technology we enjoy today astounds me. This was definitely one for those times. Who could have envisioned the span of invention from 1919 to 2007? And GG has lived it... Wow.

And then I wonder how things will be when *I* am in her position... Boggles the mind.

(And just between you and me? She's a damn good bowler. She really did kick all of our butts. Heh.)