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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy is as Crazy does...

And good gray grief - the crazy people were out and about en masse today and they ALL wanted to talk to me.


My poker face got a workout you would not believe as I just kept working to get the frick away from them. At the grocery store. At the furniture place (and that's a story too...), at the Wal-Mart.

Good God, the Wal-Mart... Holy Crap. Mecca for crazy.

And what is it about me that makes perfect strangers want to tell me intimate and often completely inappropriate details of their lives?? I mean, I used to deal with that a lot back in the old bar tending days - but that's part of the job! And people are drinking fer cryin' out loud!!

But in the bird seed isle at Farm and Fleet?? Gimmee a break!

I think I am going to stay home for a while. Maybe have some cards printed up. Something along the lines of:
Really - I don't care. Buh-bye now.
That could help.