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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Taking the day off...

Well, as much as I *ever* do. I am just tired, kids. Bone tired.

And school starts soon.

And there are appointments to keep.

And errands to run.

And stuff to organize. (the Goodwill folks are going to know me by name soon!)

And meals to prepare.

And folks planning to visit.

And clothes, shoes and supplies to shop for.

And...and...and.... Well, you can imagine. We picked out flooring for the basement yesterday - the walls are being mudded in today and prepped for texture and painting soon. I am loving it.

But right now all I *want* to do is curl up with a good book (and yay - I have a book Meme to post soon, thanks to CalTechGirl) and take an hour or two off... So I think I will.

Be sure to let me know if I miss anything, okay??