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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another jammie pants kind of day...

...alternate title "Holy sh*t it's cold out!"

Seriously. So cold that I don't even want to think about going anywhere. 20+degrees below zero cold. Screw that - we're staying in.

Yesterday was dang near *as* cold, but a visit from a neighboring blogger warmed the day considerably. The girls and I had the distinct pleasure of spending the afternoon with Tammi from Tammi's World. And I can tell you - the only thing warmer than her sunny personality can only be found in equatorial latitudes...

She's just that much fun.

We hung out, played many Wii sports, curled up with hot bowls of soup, and talked about everything under the sun. It was a blast! Sporta and Computa conspired to create a Tammi Mii - so she can always have permanent stats at our house. Heh. And wouldn't you know it - Tammi is the tallest of the Mii's on our little system. Art imitates life this time. Too cute.

Thanks for making the trip up, Tammi! :-)

Anyway, today's weather calls for another day of R&R around here, I think. I have a good book, plenty of leftover soup, and the girls are still in their pajamas. It's a good day for jammie pants.

And hey, I understand there is supposed to be a football game on later! Maybe we can watch that...

So now, I'm all snuggled in. What are you going to do to keep warm?