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Friday, February 02, 2007


Which is oh so much better than S.H.I.T. I can't even tell you.

Though for no good reason, I have more running around to do today than I did yesterday. Who am I to understand these things?? And naturally it's below zero. Well below zero.


Either way, it's Friday and that's happy, right?

So because of my schedule - I am going to go ahead and post the Brain Bender a little early today. (God forbid I neglect to help you exercise those braincells waste time at work, Right?)


Megan is half Kevin's age. In six more years she'll be four-fifths Kevin's age. In 10 years she'll be six-sevenths Kevin's age. Neither one is a teenager.

How old are Megan and Kevin now?


Okay I'm off. Like always, the answer will be found later in the comments. See you then! (And for heaven's sake - put a coat on. It's cold out there!)