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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shop 'till you drop?

No, thanks.

I don't think I will... But I do have to get out there and join in the fray today. I've got WxMan with me in case it gets too rough...

And hey, at least I am not in the Brain Bender family... I wouldn't know who to shop for! Ready to play??


Julia has one less sister than she has brothers. Her brother Todd has one more sister than he has brothers. If Julia had one less sister, she would have twice as many brothers as sisters. How many boys and girls are in the family? (There are no more than eight.)


Good grief. And what the heck do you get them for Christmas?? If I see something cool I'll let you know... (Otherwise it's a feather tree for everyone! Won't that be festive???)

Anyhoo, like always the answer will be found later in the comments.

Update: Whoohoo! jvh is our Smartypants!