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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ummm.... Okay.

Can somebody please explain the appeal of this???

For those who cannot tell, it is a feather tree.

A feather Christmas tree.

A pink pre-lit feather Christmas tree.


As Mom and I bopped through Michael's yesterday, I noticed that they had a whole display of various feather trees.


Many, many feather trees. All in various shapes and colors and ranging in price from $39.99 on up. What is this trend?? When did this happen??

Having been stunned into submission looking at all of the feather tree choices in Michael's (and looking for pictures to illustrate this post) I discovered that Tarzhay has a whole selection of feather trees as well.

Again I ask, when the hell did this happen??

Am I supposed to like the idea of mutated featherdusters in my house all in the name of Christmas cheer??

Or is this a new general decorating trend that I have just not been privy to?? Why would you want ginormous clusters of feathers imitating trees to begin with??

Maybe it's a fetish thing.

Maybe the chickens and roosters of the world felt the need to contribute more to society.

Maybe Martha Stewart has been hitting the sauce, and thinks we won't notice that this is a really dumb idea.** ('Course Martha would have us raising our own chickens for the feathers and making the trees ourselves, sadist that she is....)

All I know is it times like these that I am so grateful to not be a slave to fashion. Good grief...

'Course, I guess I could just go with the handy-dandy feather wreath instead.

I wonder if it molts....

**Apologies to those who own, plan to own, and/or like these feather forests. We here at One for the Road do not intend to offend any feather lovers out there. There are just some things beyond our comprehension. And that's okay.