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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Aren't they just the scariest things you have ever seen???

Good thing they morphed back into their angelic selves before school today.

It was cold as hell* last night, but we still had an awesome time. Mini-snickers will cure almost anything, I have discovered. Everything but frostbite...

I almost had WxMan come and get us when we realized that we were six blocks from home and done. But we managed to make it.

The girls are enjoying dressing scarier and scarier every year. And the costumes seem to be more ambiguous as well. Ask them who they are or who they want to be and you get a convoluted explanation of the feeling they want to convey instead.

They are beginning to ooze cool while I wax nostalgic over SpongeBob or Princess past.

It's a trip.

Free candy still rocks, though. I don't think that aspect ever changes. Heh.

*Where do you 'spoze the phrase "cold as hell" even came from?? It's a far cry from the fire and brimstone description...