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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oddybobo is here!

Whoohoo!! And she brought the cutest little boy with her... What a darlin' he is.

And she brought me the best present... Something I would have never thought of in a million years. Heh.

It's a mousepad. The perfect mousepad based on a picture she used in a meme to describe me. Heh. Observers are worried... True. So true.

And she brought me some fabulous Mary Kay products that I can use to fend off any rabid Mary Kay Ladies I run into. Double heh.

But I know you are wondering... "Richmond, did she make pie?? Did she??"

The answer my friends is yes. Yes she did.

And it is as wonderful as you might expect.

Later this afternoon I am going to play host to a few other bloggers as well! The blogfather, Mr. Bad Example himself Harvey along with his beloved wife TNT are going to come over along with Tammi from Tammi's World. I am hoping that Roses will be able to stop in as well.

Doing my part means that I have some Chicken Tortilla Soup getting yummy as I type. And I figured I'd make Hot Artichoke Dip and Blue Cheese Appetizer Pizza as well. Can't have too much delicious snackage, in my humble opinion!

Good food, good friends and good conversation will be had. And then there will be PIE. Doesn't get any better than that, people. Doesn't get any better.

I need to head back to the kitchen but here's hoping that your Saturday is fabulous as well. And that maybe there will be pie...