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Monday, November 06, 2006

Fabulous weekend...

Oh yes it was.

Can I just say how terrific it was to spend the weekend with Oddybobo and her darling (source of endless energy) little boy. What an absolute delight they both are. She was everything I had anticipated and more - and I feel like we have been hanging out for years. I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again.

Friday was great. Oddy and I had ample time to visit and her cutimous little boy kept my girls on the run! My Pop was so very charmed by this delightful woman that he just followed her around asking all sorts of questions. I think he may be ready to adopt!

Then on Saturday afternoon it was too cool to get to hang out with a few other folks. Tammi managed to find my house (with only a teeny bit of whistled help) and Harvey and his Beloved Wife TNT were charming as they always are.

And I do mean ALWAYS.

The one thing I did learn, is that I am going to have to start updating my shoe closet. Holy crap! Both Tammi and TNT were sporting the most amazing boots! Even though I feel confident that I would end up viewing the world from the flat of my back, it would be worth it just to own footwear that looked that good.

Tammi brought fun goodies for the kids (my girls are super thrilled with the camera, Tammi) and many, many yummy snacks were consumed topped off with ice cream (Thanks Harvey and TNT) and Oddybobo's pumpkin pie.

It was all the yummy and then some.

As always it is just great to get a chance to visit with these fine folks. (My mom and Pop were even here to experience a my little mini meet and they were thoroughly charmed). We got to visit with a few others thanks to Alexander Graham Bell but The time went by too quickly.

Like always.

Sunday, Oddy and I had the chance to just hang out again for the afternoon and go to the park to play. It was a gorgeous sunny day that just went way too fast.

Later, we got to chat with another friend who was also missed the day before. I swear, what I would give to own a teleporter some days... (Rave, I would so totally have beamed you in.)

Then, all too soon, it was time for Oddy and "the boy" to head for the airport. : ( I was sad to see the weekend end, but oh so glad that she made the trip all the way to Wisconsin to see the likes of me...

Thanks for making it such a fun weekend, Oddy! I can't wait to do it again! I just hope that you and "the boy" aren't too worn out...