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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Double Trouble

a.k.a. today's brain bender....

Fill in each blank below with a word that fits the definition on the left when read normally and fits the definition on the right when read backwards.
  • Heavenly body ________ Rodents
  • To correct writing ________ Ocean movement
  • African antelopes ________ Performed musically


Okay, I am off to entertain the kids -- I had forgotten how much "fun" Spring Break is on the cloudy, icky rainy days.... ::sigh::

As always, answers to follow in the comments.

Update: Two winners today! We have Og the Neanderpundit (who was willing to step aside to give somebody else a chance) with "encripted" answers. And a first time winner Grandy! Who listed all of the actual answers correctly first! Whoohoo!