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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I am thinking about today...

For one - it's garbage day. Yay garbage day!! My question is this - how is it that the family of five across the street has two little cans out front, each with one bag of trash and we, a family of four, have three larger cans all with multiple bags of trash in them and a couple more that wouldn't fit inside said cans??

How does that work? Am I just the queen of "throw it away!" ness?? Do they not eat? I mean WTF??

Next - whoever coined the happy phrase "It's clear as a bell and cold as hell!" ought to be punched in the face. I am sick of winter. Sick sick sick of it. But at least the sun is shining. Hooray for snowblindness! Grrrrr....

Also - how freeking smart do you have to be to work a tanning bed?? Apparently I am missing those particular brain cells that say: "Oh yes, get right in there! This is a great idea!!"

The other day I was at the salon (or whatever) thinking to my self -
"You know, won't it be nice when I spend more time *in* the tanning bed than getting undressed and dressed again? And really, should I be rotating or something because it seems to me that my right side is getting more exposure than my left. Huh. I wonder...."
And then I reached up and pulled the "lid" down.

I have been tanning - and getting crispy - with the freeking top UP on that thing... Good God. The chickypoo showed me how to work the fan, mister, aromatherapy crap, radio, blah, blah, blah, but neglected to tell me I need to pull the lid down once I get in. Duh...

I am just not meant to be brown. Time to back it off to two minutes, I think. And I had finally made it all the way up to four... *sigh*

Okay, time to hit the ground running. I get to go drive in all of this blowing and drifting blinding crap after I shovel us out, and top off my errands with a visit to the tanning place! Whoo! Later I get to go to the dentist! Who says my life isn't a big ball of fun??

Well, at least there is no numbing... (click to embiggen)