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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A day for firsts...

In preparation for my first time leaving the country, I am headed off to experience another first. And while I signed *myself* up and I am going of my own free will, I never ever thought I would do it.


And where am I off to today with no small amount of trepidation??


am going

to the tanning salon.

Otherwise known as "The Big Blue Coffin." ::gasp!:: Good lord - I think hell just froze over again. Or it might just be -12 below zero out. Either way.

So the little chickypoo yesterday assured me that I will be FINE. I live in the land of translucent Americans and people around here go to the tanning salon all the time.

They must, right? Or there wouldn't be any.


So today I am going in. In to the light... The blue light. For seven minutes.

Please God, don't let me come home looking like an unfortunate rotisserie chicken. Or a lobster.

Though lobster sounds delicious...