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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Let me tell you what I'm NOT doing...

I have people coming over later today - I am NOT cleaning my house. (Maybe an indication that all is well, or that I just don't care because these people are my friends. Hard to say... I might just be lazy.)

I am NOT tanning - at least not yet. But having done the grand "How do I look in this bathing suit??" check of 2008 combined with the fact that I will be in Belize in the not too distant future?? That's going to have to change. I am beyond pale, people. Well beyond.

I am NOT working on the Church newsletter - though I should be. Gah... I'll get it done. Have to...

I am NOT headed out to shovel snow. Well.... yet. I am sure that I will have ample opportunity sooner than later. You 'spoze it counts as cardio??

I am NOT going back to bed with my book, though the temptation is great.

I am NOT understanding the mass appeal of this commercial.

It makes me want to NOT drink the water, if nothing else... (If the link doesn't work - you can see it here...)

What are you NOT doing?? Inquiring minds want to know!!