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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The things he says!

When it comes to conversations with my Hubby, I never know what the heck he is going to say... And yesterday was no different.

He has gotten on his bi-annual health kick again. Let me stress that - again.

Every six months or so, he decides that this is it! He is going to get healthy and back into fighting shape, so to speak. And here's how it usually starts...
"Babe! I've decided that it's time to get healthy. It's up to you to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow! Cook only healthy things! Don't buy me any beer! No more chips in the house! Okay??"

"Okaaay... But you realize you are in charge of your own mouth and what you put into it, right???"

"Yeah yeah, I know. Just do it, okay??"

And so it begins. And eventually ends...
"Hon?? Why are you drinking my wine?!?! You don't even like wine!"

"You didn't buy any beer..."

"Oh - health kick's over then, huh?"

This time it's different. This time he didn't ask me to frame out his his health kick for him. And he has given up soda... (Diet Pepsi, to be exact.) And here's what he had to say yesterday...

" So this whole saving my lipton tea bottles and refilling them from the tea jug is really working out for me!"

"Good! But remind me again... Why is it that you have given up soda?"

"Soda's bad for you..."

"Ahhh... Right."


"Well, I gotta start somewhere...."

"Hahahahahahahaha.... Got it."

Bless him... And the best part? He asked for Chicken Fried Steak and Fried Okra for his birthday dinner tomorrow night. Thank heavens it goes great with tea, eh?