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Saturday, June 09, 2007

And so it begins, even while it ends...

My folks rode off into the sunset sunrise this morning, Wyoming bound. While I don't envy them the drive (holy boring, Batman!) they have tons of stuff going on in *their* lives this summer and it's time to get back.

The girls have had the semi "official" last day of school. Monday is a scheduled half-day snow day make up, that most folks I know are treating as waaaaay optional. Sporta's definitely going.
"Mom! They're going to have a huge tug-o-war!! I gotta be there!"
Computa is still on the fence - I think she'd rather sleep in. I know I would...

We close on this house at the end of the month. And on our new digs at the end of July. Dude who's buying this place is graciously letting us rent it back from him so we only have to move once. Whoohoo!

The only suck part will be the actual *moving* - though I feel uniquely prepared. Seventeen prior moves will do that to a girl, I guess. And since we actually own furniture now that we can no longer move ourselves - there *will* be hired help. Thank God.

Sporta and Computa are both taking fun fun summer school classes - dancing and games for one, art and piano for the other. So *that's* all good. Of course they have been asking the *big* question of late...
"So Mom - what are we going to *do* this summer???"

"You mean other than pack up this entire place, move it into the new house, organize the landscaping, get settled, and paint your new rooms??"


"After softball, swim lessons, Tae Kwon Do and summer school?? And that whole *moving* thing??"


"Once we get back from our trip to Wyoming where we need to see your godparents, hang out with Grandy and Papa, tour around Montana, and get Mommy's furniture that's in storage - so we can schlep it all back here??"

"Yeah, Mom! What are we going to *DO*???"

"Gosh - I have no idea...."

"Maybe we should talk to Dad and see what he thinks..."

"You do that."

Somehow *I* think we have quite the busy summer planned, but hey - I could be wrong...