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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well, hey!

At least when it comes to showing my house there are no dead people here, right? Who knew *that* could be a selling point??

A real estate house viewing this week on Janesville's east side turned up a body. Janesville police Lieutenant Tim Hiers says when the real estate agent and a prospective couple viewed the home on North Clairemont Drive, they thought the body might be a mannequin used for CPR. Hiers says the woman, who was the owner of the home, may have been dead for more than two weeks. Authorities are curious
if other real estate agents had shown the home during that time. There is no reason to suspect foul play at this point but an investigation is underway. [emphasis mine]

I am feeling better and better about Operation Sell This House all the time.... After all, we are dead people free!! ::shudder::

Update: Whoops! And a hat tip to Roses for sending me the link! Thanks for making me feel better! ;-)