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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things that I had apparently forgotten...

...about music. (Or hey! About being nice...**)

I mean, I love music - I love my tunes. And I have developed a taste for some (okay A LOT) of the new stuff out there... I have.

The oldies and hey - most of the "eighties" (and 60's & 70's) stations leave me cold these days. Maybe I am just not wanting to tap into the feelings that I had as a kid or a teen hearing those songs.


But I had forgotten some of the more healing, angst ridding, anger management properties of listening to your own tunes at high decibel levels while doing... well... WHATEVER.**

Like say when the neighbor across the street calls you because somebody who was nicely dropping off your daughter and has a blade on the front of his truck kindly blades off your driveway and piles the snow directly across the street with all of the uhhhhhh OTHER piled snow and she feels the need to call and verbally flap her arms about what a pain it is when the snow plow comes through and some of *your* snow ends us in *their* driveway and oh could you please make sure that it doesn't happen again....

So yes - armed with a big ass shovel (my own thankyouverymuch) and my MP3 player I marched out and shoveled all of that shit out of the way because Gott knows we *never* have the snow plow f*ck up our driveway and I would just hate it if her little panties were in a bunch over the one freeking time some of our snow made it's way across the gotttamned street!

Thank heavens for the soothing ear pounding dose of anger management I received while throwing rocks at their house shoveling *my* frakkin' snow away from their precious driveway. Just sayin'.

/rant - insert usual sweet disposition here/

Anyhoo, I don't expect anyone to enjoy what I enjoy - and I feel no need to fit in with what anyone else thinks is cool.

But I *am* enjoying my music again...


And that's a good thing.

**This is apparently what happens when people call me about stupid bullsh*t when I am writing a post. Go figure.