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Sunday, February 11, 2007

You know it was a good party when... have to throw your shirt away when you get home! (At least in Sporta's mind - that was a sign of a very good time. Heh.)

And why were we at a shirt killing party? Well, I agreed to help some friends pull together a shindig at their place - a birthday celebration / "Whoohoo! I got accepted into the program" kind of party. Fun fun fun...

So food, drinks, and yummy snackage all over the place. And this -->

The whole house smelled like chocolate, and really - I am not sure who had more fun dipping, the grown-ups or the kids. It was quite Willy Wonka.

And the best part? I own it - found the farooking thing on clearance Friday afternoon. And oh yeah... It's a keeper. (I am going to have such a good time playing with all of the fountainy goodness.)

And why not, the party just keeps on going around here. Sporta turns nine today. I cannot believe that my "baby" is nine. I have no idea when she became such a young lady! OR where the nine years have gone in the interim.

So today we celebrate her nineness - sans chocolate for the moment, but you never know. Guess what she has requested in lieu of a cake for her party...