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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Keeping the home fires burning...

Well, at least now we are better equipped to do it!

This is what WxMan decided to get me for my birthday....

Cool huh?? (Or I guess a better description would be "hot," Eh??)

So last night we just had to try it out.

It fits on my patio beautifully! Well, not on the patio per-se but it sits in the middle of the stump cover raised flowerbed where my fountain goes in the summer time.

Perfect. And WxMan had a great time playing in tending the fire trying to get it just right...

So for my birthday dinner, the girls had a little weenie roast while WxMan and I enjoyed cocktails by the fire. It was quite something.

I foresee s'mores and hot cocoa on Christmas Eve if we play our cards right. (And since I'm the dealer I think I can hedge my bets.)