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Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's with all this wierd SPAM linkage??

I noticed it just now in Christina's post. All of these highlighted word links that don't seem very...well... Christina.

And again when I left a comment over at Harvey's place.

And once more on a post I am working on and had saved as a draft... And I know that *I* didn't include a link to anything.


What gives? Does anyone know?

And how do we make it go away?? I do not want to even inadvertently leave comment spam...

That sucks...

Update: Well apparently I am insane. Or it was just a one day thing. Weird - all of the links are gone now... But it was strange to begin with - just various words (service, America, job, phone) were hyper-linked and highlighted in a light green color.

Now they're gone.