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Monday, November 13, 2006

Another fabulous weekend...

Am I on a roll or what?!?!

More good food, and more good friends to share it with - it just doesn't get any better.

Though a bit fast and furious (and planned on the fly) it was great way to celebrate my getting another year older.

Who better than girlfriends to help you age gracefully?? Or at least make you giggle about it?? Thanks gals, for making the trip!

And thanks to my friend Roses - who came up with a Happy Birthday to Meme (which I read Me!me!). Heh.

November 13th my birthday!

This year, when I blow out my candles, I will wish for... Holy crap, sky's the limit! I am really going to have to think about this one... I'll let you know.

If I didn’t know how old I was, I would guess that I am... 35 years old. Even though now I am older, I have *always* felt 35. I have no idea why.

Hanging out with friends... makes me feel younger than I really am. (It is fun to be silly sometimes.)

Parenting ...makes me feel more mature than I really am.

Before my next birthday, I would like to... take a trip somewhere fabulous. Preferably without having to drive through South Dakota.

Whoopi Goldberg ...shares my birthday! As does Robert Louis Stevenson.

( bloggers I know ) have birthdays soon, too. Please visit and wish them well!
Well, I don't know about soon, but Shoe and CalTechGirl just celebrated birthdays. So Happy Birthday, ladies!

It's been quite a year. I have celebrated and I have mourned, and I certainly haven't been bored.

What is that double edged proverb??

Oh yeah... May you lead an interesting life.

I'm pretty sure I have that box checked.