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Monday, September 25, 2006

Family Day

What a great idea! And per Tammi's suggestion, I'll post too.

We *try* to have a "Family Night" every Tuesday. Dinner and a movie or a game. Sometimes we have scheduling conflicts and now with soccer season in full swing it's been hard, but we try.

One of our favorite dinners to have is Grandma's Macaroni-n-Cheese or my yummy Chicken Enchiladas. Comfort food at its finest! (And those who know me know I am all about comfort and the food.) Mmmmm...

My mom and I did a lot of cooking together when I was growing up and some of my best memories of my Nonny are of being in the kitchen with her. She was a fabulous cook and prepared everything with such love. This is a tradition that I hope to continue with my girls though my type A need to keep everything controlled and orderly tends to get in the way. I'm working on it...

So I have been trying to come up with a great story to tell, but I have to say the "family dinner story well" has run dry. (If there ever even was a well to begin with...) so I'll tell you about a case of mistaken identity, family style...

Like I was saying, my Mom and I have always done a lot of cooking together. Anytime she is at my house or I am at hers you can darn near bet that we can be found in the kitchen working on one thing or another. All.the.time.

We're in the kitchen. That's our room.

Another thing you should know is that we really do look quite a bit alike ~ especially when we are both wearing our hair short. More especially from behind. We have a similar build, are almost the same height, similar taste in clothes... You get the idea.

One day, my mom was in our kitchen in St. Louis doing the dishes - a constant chore since we had no dishwasher in that house.

WxMan goes strolling by and thinks he's got a primo opportunity to go and give his wife a nice hug from behind and maybe get in an "extra" squeeze. (Every wife out there knows what I mean, I'm sure.)


The good news is that he caught himself just before getting a bit TOO intimate with his Mother-in-Law.

Embarrassed to the gills, I don't think he made another foray into the kitchen for the rest of their visit. And he stopped sneaking up behind me for a feel for a while too... Heh.

My mom, to her credit, was flattered and thought the whole thing was hilarious. She kids him about it to this day. It's good to have something to goad your Son-in-Law about...

What would family be without incessant teasing and loooooong memories of all of the goofy stuff you have done?

Between the laughter and the food I'm not sure which is the best part. The two certainly go good together...