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Monday, September 25, 2006


...or lack thereof.

What is the deal?!?! And is it just me??

It's gotten almost comical, this on going battle I have with my internal clock. Fortunately for me, my own personal timepiece has begun to "pick" its battles rather than wage war every night.

It seems as though lately, on the nights where I have no really good reason to roll out of the rack at o'dark thirty the next morning I can sleep like a dead woman. No tossing and turning, no waking every 20 minutes to eyeball the time. Pure unadulterated blissful REM sleep. Sadly, that's only one or two nights a week at best.

But those mornings I know I have to be out the door long before the sun rises?? Uh... not so much. Take this morning for example. Ye olde internal clock decided that *the* time to get up should be 2:30am.

2:30! What the...??? Who the hell wants to be awake at 2:30?? (Unless you're in college and with somebody really cute.)

No one. That's who. And least of all me.

And I dare not just give in and get up, oh no. Because then 2:30 would be the "new" set time. So I toss. And turn. And try to relax. And finally fall asleep just in time for the regular alarm to go off. Grrrrr....

What happened to good old 3:56am? I liked that time! It was perfect. Just enough time to doze before the real alarm went off.

But 2:30?? Ugh! I am going to have to find the reset buttons. I just wish I had a clue where they were...