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Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got that Sesame Street song in my head again!

But that's the kind of sacrifices I make so that you can waste time at work play the daily Brain Bender. Ready??


Which of the words below is least like the others? And why?
  • SILK


You know what to do! The answer will be found later in the comments. Below is a video clip of the song. :-)

(I'm all about the sharing.) Heh.

Update: Smart people come here to play... Oddybobo the Bobo Blogger gets kudos for coming up with our first correct (though "unofficial") answer and Mark A. Rayner from The Squib successfully came up with an anagram based solution (though again not the "official" answer). Whoohoo!

What was the "official" answer, you ask? Well, according to the handy dandy discount MENSA calendar (which is often out of whack) the correct answer was SILK because all of the others could be anagrammed into occupations -- BAKER, TUTOR, PARSON).

Whatever. Oddybobo and Mr. Rayner got it right in my book. Thanks for playin' y'all!