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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fun with numbers...

...I'm going to guess $49.58. But that's only because we are off to buy school supplies.

(And the best part about buying school supplies?? That means that school is going to start soon.... Whoohoo!)

Here is Wednesday's brain bender....


Start with the number represented by C in Roman numerals, ass the number of deadly sins, then subtract the number of the "_______" sisters, the select women's colleges.

What number do you get?


Well, that's interesting. Huh. These MENSA folks surely get a little strange in their combinations sometimes, though I suppose college and deadly sins do kind of go together on some level...

Well, I'm off - New pencils to purchase. And you know what to do! The answer will be found later in the comments!

Update: Oddybobo is today's official Smartypants (even with my assinine typo). Whoohoo!