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Sunday, August 20, 2006

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You know, just when I think, "Hey, my kids are older now. They are really growing up and getting much easier to get along with!!" I get a BIG dose of cosmic comeuppance.


Just because they are older now only increases the size and scope of items they can destroy, apparently. And there are still places here where logic does not live.

Yesterday while doing some cleaning in preparation for my in-laws to arrive I came upon this...
(click to enlarge)

You see, Sporta (my youngest) has become a teeny obsessed with the spraying of "air fresheners" - I personally think that they all smell like things once lovely but now chemically altered and gross and have had many many discussions with her about proper uses of these sprays. Emergency stinkage only....

But, since logic doesn't yet live here all the time what that translated to was:
Mom says not to do this = I should do it anyway
The day before, the cabinet was fine. Yesterday? Paint bubbling off and icky blue showing through. Thanks so much Clorox Disinfecting Spray. You suck.

But you weren't done quite yet, were you.

As I grabbed the handle of the refrigerator to get a diet coke, I felt something slimy within the recessed handle on the door. "No big deal..." I thought. "Probably just some jelly or peanut butter - I have been finding little gobs of peanut butter all over the kitchen, I need to talk to the girls about that too...."

As I got the dish rag to clean whatever mess it would be, I noticed that it was most certainly *not* peanut butter or jelly. It was black slime and smelled strongly of petroleum. Plastic?? Melted gooified plastic???

Oh yes....

Apparently Sporta had felt the need to spray (and freshen!) the fridge too. Good God. The Clorox Disinfecting Spray (sunshine breeze scent) had pooled in the recessed handles and melted the plastic.

Melted. Goo. Plastic. On the fridge....



After much discussion between Sporta and I, there will be no more spraying of anything around here. She is done. Spray free. And the Clorox shit Disinfecting Spray sunshine breeze scent?? In the trash. (Sunshine breeze, my ass.) Never to be seen here again.

Today though, I discovered yet another example of logic not living here. I am soooooo not out of the woods yet.

Behold! (Oh I sound like Eric now...)

And what would make a kid think that this was a good idea, I ask you???

I mean, I get that it's sugar.... But to just take a bite out the the package and everything?? And then put it back in the cupboard??

Again... Good grief!!!

I don't even want to think about what comes next.... Is it cocktail hour yet?