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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Free!! Free!!!

The best things in life are free!!!

And this has absolutely nothing to do with today's Brain Bender, I am just super excited about a treasure that has made it's way to my house!! Whoohoo!! Pictures to follow soon....

Anyway, on to today's exercise in time wasteage...


What two words, formed from different combinations of the same eight letters, can be used to complete the sentence below?

After the outdoor __________ , the park's Lost and Found office was filled with many __________ people had left behind.


Okie doke! I'm off to get batteries for the digital camera. And like always answers will be found in the comments later. Toodle-loo!!!

Anybody want to guess what I got?? For free???? (hint: I had to get my neighbor to help me get it home - he has a trailer.) Thanks Dave!!!

Update: Rave over at Quid Nunc is today's official smartypants. Whoohoo! (And she is sporting a new look over at her place. Unsurprisingly, I like it a lot!)

Update 2: Whoops - spoke too soon, Rave's blog is back to normal. Tweaking the template is never easy.....