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Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank you sir....

...may I have another??

Another day of "weekend" that is! Whoohoo!

Got the call this morning that I didn't have to go into work so the Best Weekend Ever continues around here.

Have we done much? Well, no - and that's part of the appeal. The perfect blend of chores and fun has been achieved. It really has been fabulous. No trips to the ER, bickering held to a minimum, necessary projects completed, new little paradises found, and at one point I had smoked chicken and portabella ravioli in a homemade creamy alfredo sauce....

Friday night we went to dinner with friends. For no good reason in my little town we have a teeny tiny and freekin' incredible Italian restaurant/pizza place. Someday I have to get the secret of the alfredo sauce out of the proprietess... I hope the law of omerta doesn't apply to recipes.

Then it was cocktails on the deck with the neighbors who had placed a bid on their dream house and were over the moon with the prospects and possibilities. That kind of joy is contagious... (And has WxMan ready to look for a new house as well.)

Saturday started out with some household chores and then WxMan entered uncharted territory. Back to school shopping with the girls (which I always enjoy - not!).

Computa (eldest) and Sporta (youngest) were practically vibrating at the prospect of getting some new threads. To say I was dreading the ordeal a bit apprehensive would be a vast understatement - but at least this year WxMan had my back. (Sadly the local color was more reserved this year... I was kinda hoping he would get the full experience.)

The good news?? We found a great sale going on and shirt lengths are increasing (thank God). The bad news? All of the weird knockoff styles from the seventies are beginning to morph into some of the styles from the early eighties.

People, we have gaucho pants and little starched shirts that come with teeny little vests and ties, fer heaven's sake.... And camo patterns on everything. Ev-re-thing.

Anyway, WxMan and I survived the retail feeding frenzy and even managed to squeeze in a couple of items for ourselves. Lunch in the food court and then home. Homity, home, home, home.... Oh! And with a bit of wisdom from the mall Chinese place...

"Business is like tennis, if you don't serve well you lose."

Sunday we all got to go to church together for a change. The girls were armed with Jesus approved water balloons for the kids activity. (No, really!) And I got to be seen with my thus far mythical husband... (Just for the record, did you know that a cooler full of water balloons weighs approximately a gazillion pounds??? Well now you do....)

Then home for a quick change and to pack a different sort of cooler to go to a neat little lake (sand beach and everything) for an afternoon of picnic lunch and water fun. The best part?? This place is maybe 10 minutes from my house. Who knew?!?!

WxMan and the girls rented a rowboat and went out to fish while I kept an eye on all of our stuff settled into a comfy lounge chair with a really good book.

I can't believe we had no idea about this place until this week! It's one of those, "well, why haven't we been doing this all along!!" types of places. Well, now we will.

Then home again, home again just in time for a quick clean up and a very impromptu bonfire/cookout with the aforementioned neighbors (their offer was accepted!).

Hot dogs, chips, fresh fruit, smores, root beer and cocktails. And only one visit from Officer Friendy - I knew the bottle rockets weren't a good idea, but something happens to boys when there's a fire... (Even when the "boys" are pushing forty...)

Anyway, see what I mean? Perfect.

And today I get to have some more. So I'm off to make a big breakfast, and to figure out what's on today's agenda. Monday can wait until tomorrow....