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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A two-fer....

WxMan is taking a weeks vacation so we are up to our eyeballs in "Honey-do" projects. So while I am puttering away, here is a Brain Bender twofer to help you waste time at work exercise those braincells. Ready??


The multiplication problem below uses all the digits from 1 to 9 once only. Three numbers have been filled in to get you started. Can you fill in the rest??

X X 6 ( x) 3 X = 7 X X X


Eight chocolate bars plus six gumdrops cost $.70. You could buy seven gumdrops for the price of two chocolate bars. How much change will you get back from $1.00 if you buy six of each??


Okay, you know how to play.... The answers will be found in the comments later. I am off to the garage...

Update: Well, we got a good start on the garage. More to follow tomorrow... And in other news, Oddybobo is today's official smartypants! Whoohoo!