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Friday, August 04, 2006

Today's the day....

I'm going to lighten the load around here a bit.

I just got a call from Stacey (the handy dandy hairdresser lady) and she's probably as excited as I am. Later this afternoon I will be free of more than a foot of this hot, heavy hair.

No more sitting back in a chair only to discover I can't move my head.
No more having to use Machiavellian looking clips to hold it all off my neck.
No more getting pinned down in bed.*
No more buying shampoo in 55 gallon drums.
No more three to four hour drying times.


WxMan? Not quite as happy at the prospect. But he'll live. And besides. It's going to a good cause.

God, I'm excited about this.... (Probably and indication that I should get out more.) Tee hee!!

*Or at least if I do get pinned down, it will be on purpose....