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Monday, June 19, 2006

Pass the cigars!

.....Or hey, what do women pass when the have produced offspring?? Oh, that's right. They first pass *out* and then begin passing *judgment.* Well, that's not nearly as fun as cigars... But a cigar doesn't sound all that good right this minute. Hmmm...

How about cheesecake instead!

Mmmmm... Now that's a better way to celebrate!

Celebrate what?? The fact that I am a BlogMother! Whoohoo!

My good friend Roses has decided to dip her toes into the pools of blogdom. I've loaned her my floaties and hooked her up with Harvey's handy dandy list of blogging tips, she's ready to roll.

May I introduce, Ack! Thibbbt!

This is the result of many weeks of my explaining how much housework I am consistently avoiding how cathartic and fun blogging is, and after listening to her many tales of "So okay, my Mother-in-law lives in my basement....." (Though the MIL recently moved *out* of the basement, the scars remain.) As Roses puts it:
"Eight friggin' years.
If I don't get a book deal outta THAT somehow, it'll be only because I just didn't try."

Please, make her feel welcome. I swear, that was the easiest delivery I ever had! And I won't have to potty train or anything! Whoohoo!