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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sleepy? Yeah, me too....

Hubby (Wxman) and I watched 3/4 of Fun With Dick and Jane last night thinking a little humor would be just the thing to end the day. And Jim Carrey? He's funny, right?

Yeah. Not so much. Maybe the whole "lose your job and be scared to death you are going to lose everything" thing isn't so funny when you have recently gone through it... Ugh.

So I went to bed feeling relatively anxious.

After a lovely terrifying slasher dream involving being chased by a crazed woman wielding chisels, I got to play "watch that minute!!" You know... When you wake up at 1:17 and look at the clock and say "yay - I can sleep for three more hours..." only to barely doze and look at the clock at 1:43....... Doze... "holy crap soccer sign ups are Saturday!" 2:08...... Doze...... 2:32.... 2:53.... drink of water... 3:07..... 3:19...... 3:43..... Uh oh.... 3:57..... Screw it.

Get up.

Ah well... Maybe I can catch a nap this afternoon! I mean really - how much damage can the girls do if I am sleeping?? You know, just for an hour or two!

'Course judging by the chaos they created mixing up some of that Country Time Lemonade powdered gak yesterday, quite a bit. And A. has softball this afternoon... Oh...

Caffeine it is then!

Thankfully, the weekend is right around the corner. Riiiiiiiight there.... And provided I can rid myself of Chisel Chick, I bet I'll sleep tonight... Maybe. Sorta. I sure hope so....