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Saturday, June 17, 2006

To Blog? Or *not* to Blog??

And when do you tell your family *about* your blog???

That is Freddie's question.

You see, no one I know knows about my blog. Not my best friend, not my mother,not even my husband. And the guilt is starting to gnaw at my conscience....

... Is it a really bad thing to keep this all to myself? How would a guy feel if he found out his wife had been blogging for months without his knowledge?

I blogged for 4 months before I mentioned it to *anyone* my husband included.

I didn't want anyone to know in case I a) sucked at it, b) decided I wanted to quit right after I started, or c) insert stupid reason here ______ that I can't remember now....

When I *did* finally tell my hubby (WxMan) about One for the Road - I was kind of shocked to discover that not only did he still not care about reading blogs:

"But Honey! You really should see what Blackfive or SMASH or Stephen Green posted about today! And Lileks and Bou and Eric - they're so funny!
Hell - he didn't even want to read *my* blog. Or as he so succinctly put it, "Honey, I don't need to read your blog - I live your blog..." Well okie dokie then, Mr. Fodder. Have it your way.

The rest of the family found out over time. First I told my parents, and then both sets of WxMan's. As far as I know, they all (and a smattering of other friends and family) read fairly regularly. I have been told that it's like getting a little snapshot everyday about what's going on with us. And I'm glad they know about it even if they don't read. Keeps me above board.

But all that aside, this is still *my* place. Mine to do with as I please. I still write about what I feel like writing about. And if that means an F-bomb every other word - so be it. It's *my* voice, after all. And my thoughts. My joy. And sometimes my anger. My take on what the heck is going on in my crazy life.

That's the way of blogging, I think. All said and done, it is all about "Me." Or conversely, it's all about "You."

So Freddie, good luck. I think that outing yourself to your friends and family will be easier than you fear it will be. At least I hope so. I have enjoyed getting a teeny snapshot of your life these past couple of months and I hope that you will continue to share a bit of yourself with us.