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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fun with camels...

Yes, really! It's Tuesday's Brain Bender...

The discount MENSA calendar is lame-o today so I am pulling a question from an alternate source (a game called MindTrap). Ready?


An old Bedouin who is about to die, informs his three sons that he will leave them his camels. To the eldest son he leaves half his camels. To his second son he leaves one third of them, and to his youngest, he leaves one ninth.

After the old man died, the three sons went to get their camels, but discovered there were 17 animals. They did not want to kill or sell any of the camels, and they could not think of a way to divide the camels exactly as their father wished.

Just then, Abdullah came riding along on his camel and listened to the brothers' problem. Immediately Abdullah thought of a way to divide the camels just as the old man had wished. What was his easy solution??


Okay, like always answer to follow in the comments. And watch out! Camels spit...

Update: Today's camel division expert and official smartypants is Teresa from Technicalities! Whoohoo!