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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ahhhhh.... Now this is the life!

Patio blogging. That's me. Cocktail, computer, singing birds, no mosquitoes, kids playing... (Dinner not ready, laundry to fold, lunches to pack, the smell of thawing silage, Monday...)

Okay, so it's not perfect. But maybe my putting the snow boots away has broken winter's icy grasp. Or maybe Mother Nature is just in a good mood... I don't care. I'll take it.

I have broken out the summer clothes, applied my first bit of sunless tanning lotion (hey - I don't want to be as white as Eric, ya know), put on my ankle bracelet, refreshed my pedicure (a nice garnet) and dusted off my birks. I'm ready.

(Now watch, it will snow next Thursday....)

I hope that Spring found you today as well... Without the smell of silage.

Update: A silage link has been added. Silage is fermented feed, usually for cattle. It stinks to high heaven! Blech!

(And Rachel, I'm *glad* you don't know what silage is... That means you don't know what it smells like!) ;-)