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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Whew. I am so learning to appreciate the weekends. And this being the last Saturday we are going to have for a long while with no activities planned I hope to really enjoy not having a set agenda.

Soccer starts next week as does swimming lessons. So for the next umpteen Saturday mornings I (and about 48,000 other parents) will be sitting on the sidelines of a local frosty field freezing our collective asses off while wondering what we were thinking signing our kids up for Spring soccer.

See in the fall, it is cool in the morning. But there is still that residual bit of summer warmth to take the edge off of 8am Saturday morning. In the spring, you get up to 65 or 70 degrees in the afternoon, but at 8am??? It's fricken' frozen tundra. Brrrrrrrr. Oh well. Such is life. And the kids have a blast.

So today I need to do general re-con on cleats, shin guards, swim suits, and goggles in addition to the regular stuff. It's also time to begin the seasonal clothing switch. Seeing what summer stuff we having that will still fit (or get handed down) and generally preparing for the change of the season. I am ready for warmer days. (Or at least I say that now - I know I will be complaining about the heat in three months, just like everybody else.)

So, Saturday. Anybody else missing the days when having a Saturday just meant that you got to watch cartoons all morning and play with your friends all afternoon?? Yeah, me too...