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Monday, April 10, 2006

Lots to do... (Monday's Brain Bender)

It is sunny and 60 right now and promises to get even warmer as the afternoon progresses. I even saw some blooms on my way home from work! Whoohoo!

And just to show what an optimist I am, I moved the snow pants and boots to the basement. They are not yet "put away" but they are out of the way. I like it. (Shhhh don't tell Mother Nature...)

Lots for me to do today as we are having our annual Easter party on Saturday. (I got 500 eggs to fill!) So the time to start prepping is at hand. Hubby of course, plans to golf... Life's rough.

So anyway, today's brain bender is easy schmeasy. A good way to sliiiiide into the week I think.


Carrie is twice as old as Jean. Five years ago, Carrie was three times as old as Jean. In five years, Jean will be three-fifths Carrie's age.

How old are they now?


See? Okay. Same as always. Answer to be found later in the comments...

Update: Today's winner of the smartypants sticker is Blue Tige! Whoohoo!