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Monday, April 10, 2006

Tammi asked...

Tammi over at Tammi's World had a few questions she wanted answers to.
What about you? What are some of your preferences? And yes, this is a very weird twist on the old Saturday Questions. Come on. Talk to me!!!
Who am I to refuse?

*Barefoot or shoes? Both. (And no, that's not a cop out.) I looooove my birks and have them in all colors and styles. Cutest shoes on the planet? Well, no. But comfy?? Hell yes! As close as you can get to going barefoot while still wearing shoes.

*Tea - sweet or unsweetened? Unsweetened.

*Clothes - fitted or loose? Loose. I'm all about the comfort.

*Fish - fresh water or salt water? Salt Water. Definitely. And preferably shell fish that can be dipped in drawn butter. Mmmmmm. Lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops... Yummy!

*Gravy or plain? I'm a gravy girl.

*House - spotless or "lived in"? Between my hubby and kids and dogs, "lived in" is my only option here. I would never get a chance to rest, otherwise. Basically once again, I am all about the comfort. I like my house to be the kind of place where folks are comfortable to come in, kick off their shoes, and find a great spot to settle in. Need a throw? Here you go. What can I get you to drink? Dinner is in 20 minutes....

*Solitude or people? People, usually. But there are definitely times that I crave the quiet.

*Beer or alcohol? Beer if I am out (the darker the better, usually). At home, it's wine. If I am going to have a drink, it will be something straightforward. A screwdriver or 3 fingers of scotch. But I have the fixin's on hand for martinis or margaritas... You just never know...

*Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction. I read for pleasure.

*Weather - Hot or cold? Both. I love having a distinct change of seasons. I love taking the kids sledding in the winter and then coming home to a warm house and hot cocoa. Getting to curl up on those cold days with a good book and a bowl of something hot and yummy.

In the summer I love the long days and warm nights. Hanging out at the pool and grilling outside or simply making salads because it's just too hot to cook. And today, it's supposed to be nearly 70 degrees here. Whoohoo! Summer is on the way!

Anybody else want to play? Feel free! (It's pretty fun...)