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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Why in the name of all that is holy is Richard freeking Simmons making the talk show rounds this week???

Do I need to see or hear little Richie ever again?? Is this a part of some super secret PMS plot along with the gray crap weather to make me kill someone??? What? Is there some divine contract saying that in order for the new year to "officially" start we must be subjected to our annual dose of R.S.???

This is the kind of stuff that will drive me to go to the DU to learn to make a gotdamned tinfoil hat....

There should be warnings, people! Ahhh. My eyes!

Update: Between this crap and the media ghouls circling the bereaved families in West Virginia -- "journalists" so falsely somber and vying to get the saddest sound byte or (ghoulish fingers crossed) the grail -- one for the reported "notes" written to family members by the dying miners....
I'm turning it all off today. Enough.