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Thursday, June 30, 2005

No News is Good News? it a *good* thing that I am bored with the news?

So really, I am a news hound. And there is NOTHING going on out there that I find even remotely interesting (or bloggable, for that matter). Valerie Plame? Who cares. Karl Rove's statements? Are you kidding me?? (Like we didn't already know?) MJ is innocent. (Whatever). Nothing new. And you know what?

I am thankful.

I remember those days post September 11th when I woke up praying that there would be *nothing* on the news. That Katie's big story would be about winter fashions. Because we had just survived the BIGGEST NEWS CYCLE OF OUR LIVES. And I was thankful that we could return to a less stressful simpler time -- or at least adjust our view from the horrific and unthinkable.

Not that we shouldn't be focused -- no not at all. And resolute. And determined. And thankful for the difficult job done for us by our men and women in uniform. Thank God for them.... But for me? I am thankful for the relative boredom of our news cycle of late. I really am.

So -- there is no news. The talking heads can talk and pontificate on woudda shoudda, coudda, and I am okay with that. The President made a good speech the other night (IMO) and talked about staying the course. It is going to take YEARS to change the world but, you know, that's not new. It took YEARS to evoke change in Germany, Japan, and the USSR for that matter. Vietnam is now coming around. And I sense great changes in Cuba. Lebanon and Syria, Iran and Egypt. Maybe even Saudi Arabia. We'll see. But as we gear up for the holiday weekend I, for one, am thankful for the lack of news.

No news is good news indeed...............